Fun with Piping: Rosette Cake

I just got a new set of piping tips, so the world has been my sugary, swirly, oyster lately. If you know me well enough, you’ll know when I make a cake it is made with love, but mostly anger and curse words. As much as I love baking, there always seems to be a few choice words that goes into my cake decorating. But when I saw a rosette cake design, be-still my amnesiac heart, I had to try it.

I know its not picture perfect to look at, but even with its flaws it’s so stinkin’ adorable. And it was relatively easy! Now, I say ‘relatively’ because I’m not going to lie, there were still not safe for children moments, but that’s just the level a crumb coat and I are on these days. Despite some normative rated R moments, this was still the most hassle-free, with elegant results, cake decorating experience I have ever had. And some helpful tips engendered from the ashes of frustration that I think will make it even easier next time around.

Tips for piping a lovely rosette cake:

  • Definitely chose a butter cream that hold its own, literally and figuratively, with a 1M tip.
  • Refrigerate! The refrigerator has never been more of my best friend than in this moment. Refrigerate after the crumb coat, refrigerate the icing in the bag before piping (just enough so it’s firm enough to work with and not kill your hand squeezing devilishly hard), and refrigerate after completed to let set.
  • Work quickly and efficiently. Mostly I believe it was because my icing wasn’t firm enough yet, but there were moments of uncomfortable looking drupe-age. However, I still feel the more quickly and efficiently you pipe, the faster you can pop it in the fridge to set.
  • Most of my frustration came from challenges around the icing keeping its hold (even though I used a classic buttercream, I probably should have used more shortening than butter, hence, why icing choice is so important!). But if challenges arise you can always add more confectioners’ sugar, or if you are afraid of overly sweetening, add the less conventional, corn starch, to the mix. I did a little of both. The corn starch was an experiment, I have no idea if that is a thing, but it did the trick!
  • Finally, when in doubt, scrape and re-pipe! It is a very forgiving cake design.
  • Finally, enjoy the beauty of your cake 🙂

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