Cookie Tins Never Lie

This is long over due, but ironically, over the holiday season I spent so much time baking I left no time to blog!

I do love the holidays. Eating and baking, and baking and eating…and eating. Every year I enjoy (and stress over) arranging cookie boxes as gifts for friends and family. This year I decided to try many of the recipes that have been glaring at me on my Pinterest board.

So for this post, I wanted to make sure I remembered the new recipes I tried with a glorious list!


All of these cookies turned out wonderful! Which makes sense because each and every blog/website they came from is phenomenal. I can’t wait until next holiday season to make these again!…Although, if I’m being honest with myself I will probably make them before then so that I can eat them again…

Just a few other holiday trails here too:

Snowman Cookie says “Bye!”

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